Belgian Industrial Group ​​


Acquires and invests in Belgian B2B companies in niche markets

who have a growth potential, 

and look for a new generation of owners 

in close collaboration with entrepreneurs

that are talented and ambitious,

and with a clear vision on the long term.

Our Values

The DNA that we seek in our projects, in business partners, and in our collaborators can best be broken down as follows:            

Ambition and opportunity

We are ambitious entrepreneurs. We offer the opportunity to those who joing us to discover & develop themselves, flourish, and be at the core of collective succes.


We like to do things as they should be done; decently, and this from the very beginning. Be it in terms of organisation, management, it systems, internal and external reporting, in R&D, in our financial management, on safety and quality, we will always opt for the qualitative option, with a clear long term vision.



Trust and Transparence

A relation based on mutual respect and transparance is key. All relevant information, good or bad needs to be shared in full trust through our organisations. Without trust and transparence there is no chance for long term succes!


Over the next decades we will need to develop & implement drastic solutions to assure that humankind has a sustainable future on earth . Climate, well being, social development, are all key aspects that play a key role in defining the work we do, and the products we want to bring to the market.

Belgian Industrial - an industrial project with a long term vision!

Sell your company in full transparence, or want to become an entrepreneur with a solid partner ?

Some information about Belgian Industrial

An entrepreneurial project with a long term vision

Industry / manufacturing / assembly

Conception and production of technical products

EUR 15m of consolidated turnover


45 FTE
Strong credentials in engineering & sales
Partnership with external R&D labs
Global industries    
Export to 25+ countries
Suppliers in 15+ countries

5 Ha of industrial properties
3500 m2 of production halls

Strong IT tools & platforms
Coordinated ERP system (Odoo)
Centralised shared services on holding level
Finance, HR, Engineering
Subsidiaries managed by talented buy-in managers

Looking for a partner to sell your (family) business to?

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Companies in our Group

Since we started in 2018


Odoo • Image et Texte


Develops, manufactures and services new and refurbished railway equipment. Daxi aims to catalyse the modal shift towards rail by making railway a more affordable form of transportation for both freight and passengers.

Based in Jumet (Belgium). Active in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Part of Belgian Industrial since January 2018.

Odoo • Image et Texte


Develops, assembles and services concrete mixers (mobile and stationary) for the readymix concrete industry. Exclusive dealer for BHS Sonthofen and IMER in Belgium.

Based in Ittre (Belgium), active in Belgium.

Part of Belgian Industrial since February 2019.

Odoo • Image et Texte


Company specialised in piping works and the erection of industrial chimneys. Travex develops, manufactures, installs and services piping networks of all kinds, be they designed in steel, inox or (high performance) plastics.

Based in Nivelles, active in Belgium.

Part of Belgian Industrial since October 2020


Who joins us?

Belgian Industrial is looking for both companies to acquire and talented buy-in managers to join our group.

Activity sector: industry, B2B, development and production of technical products with both a strong local potential and export opportunities. 

Type of companies: Unique physical products, stale customer base and good reputation. Companies facing challenges can also be considered. The presence of important assets (buildings, …) is a plus.

Positioning: We look to acquire majority stakes, in partnership with the seller and/or with a buy-in manager.