For talented entrepreneurial managers who want to become CEO and Co-Owner

Since we started, Belgian Industrial analysed more than twenty acquisition files, and met more than 10 buy-in candidates. Three companies have been acquired, and four manager-owners have joined our family. Others keep themselves ready to join us, waiting for a buy-in opportunity that they will bring or that Belgian Industrial Group will propose them.

For business owners who look for a partner to continue their project

Belgian Industrial continues the work you have built over the years and ensures long-term continuity. With us, there is no need to sell your company to a competitor, or an international group. We are committed to continuing your project, and to inject the resources (financial, human resources, research and development, strategy) for a successful continuation. Belgian Industrial can also offer the company's key employees to invest in the takeover project and contribute to its future.

A project with long term perspectives

The Belgian Industrial philoposhy is to invest with a long term perspective. In this sense, all companies we invest in need to be profitable. All business proceeds are reinvested in the existing group companies or in new acquisitions.

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