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We are a distinguished workplace, known for our commitment to helping our collaborators reach their maximum potential. We accomplish this by offering a unique work environment, the result of in-depth reflection on well-being and joy in the professional sphere.

Diversification of professions at BIG

Why come to work at BIG and its subsidiaries?


Transparency & honesty, Integrity, Respect, Sustainability, Continuous improvement. Our company is built on these fundamental values that resonate at all levels of our teams. We recruit people based on these personal values rather than purely technical skills. These values are the foundation of the positive and constructive atmosphere within the company.


Becoming a workplace where everyone can thrive is a shared responsibility. It's not just about being the best employer. It's also about being the best colleagues, with the necessary human warmth, support, and friendship. We regularly organize parties and extracurricular activities to promote this. Are you ready to meet over 125 colleagues?


We strive for professional and supportive management. Our future leadership positions are reserved for our own employees at BIG. This is the best guarantee we can offer to ensure that BIG's DNA, based on our values, will endure over time.


We are a participative company that offers all our employees the opportunity to become shareholders. This organization is a guarantee of resilience and one of the keys to our success. This makes BIG a rather unique company in the market.


We have worked on a growth strategy since our creation, and we continue to grow year after year. Why? To provide our employees and future employees with more and more opportunities for development and to implement increasingly ambitious projects in a constantly evolving world.

Joining BIG or our Subsidiaries: Where Passion, Emergence, and Opportunity Merge

Your Next Professional Adventure

Are you passionate about the technical and industrial sector? Do you aspire to be part of a team where the union of skills creates an emergence of innovative ideas? At BIG and its subsidiaries, we believe that the combination of diverse talents leads to extraordinary solutions.

The Soul of BIG and its Subsidiaries: The Team

We are not just a simple company: we are a true extended, united, and caring team. Our strength lies not only in individuality but in the synergy of complementary teams working together for a common goal.

Executive & Managerial Career at BIG

Ambition, leadership, and the ability to work in complementary teams are at the heart of our values. Our collaborative management teams are the breeding ground for this emergence, offering a rich experience for each member.

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