Together, we weave the industrial future, SME by SME

Belgian Industrial Group (BIG) is an industrial holding company that unites SMEs in the industrial sector in Belgium and the surrounding regions. Our group consists of engineers, project managers, technicians, and other experts committed to the construction and maintenance of leading industrial infrastructures.

The group provides comprehensive administrative, financial, HR, and digital support, enabling our companies to pursue excellence in their operations. Thanks to our participatory ownership model, every employee has the opportunity to become a shareholder, directly contributing to our mutual success.

BIG focuses on strategic growth by acquiring complementary businesses and developing new divisions, thus broadening our spectrum of expertise and technologies.

We are more than a holding company: a family of pioneering companies, determined to innovate and make a lasting contribution to the progress of the Belgian and European industry.

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We develop companies in the industrial sector
We develop companies in the industrial sector
We develop companies in the industrial sector
We develop companies in the industrial sector

Culture and Values: The DNA of BIG

At Belgian Industrial Group (BIG), values aren't just important; they are the very essence of our identity. They guide our collaboration, our communication, and our approach to challenges.

  • Long-term vision and customer orientation: We embrace a long-term perspective, always placing our customers at the heart of what we do. Our goal is to enact profound and sustainable changes for a meaningful impact on the management and growth of our companies.
  • Simplicity and respect for diversity: Amidst the complexity of our world, we advocate for simplicity as a guiding principle. We cherish diversity, seeing it as a vital strength and dynamism for our group.
  • Autonomy and intrepreneurship: Autonomy is a cornerstone at BIG, and we foster entrepreneurial spirit at all levels. This culture of intrapreneurship is crucial for encouraging innovation and continually pushing boundaries.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Our decisions are informed by reliable data, ensuring our actions are always justified and strategically sound.
Our culture


Transparency and Honesty

Trust is a precious commodity, and we cultivate it through open, honest, and critical communication.


Beyond words, we strive to always do what is right, for our company, our employees, and all our stakeholders.


Empathy and listening are essential. Everyone deserves respect, whether it's our colleagues, our clients, or our suppliers.


We firmly believe in a lasting positive impact on society. It is our way of contributing to a resilient industry for Belgium and Europe.

Continuous Improvement

The industrial landscape is evolving. At BIG, we are always in search of improvement, adapting and thriving at each stage.

We are convinced that it is our culture that fuels our success, and we are determined to preserve it while continuing to have an impact in the industrial sector.

Jérôme Leclef and Bruno Hubert, Founders BIG