Our story

In 2018, Jérôme Leclef and Bruno Hubert embarked on an entrepreneurial project that over the years developped to become what Belgian Industrial Group (BIG) is today. They took over a company that appeared prosperous on the surface but faced significant challenges upon closer inspection. Through innovative solutions, strategic restructuring, and the integration of cloud-based ERP systems, they revitalized the business, injecting new vitality and ensuring its longevity.

BIG was born out of a realization that the burdens of market pressures, CAPEX investments, R&D projects, and digitalization often fall on the shoulders of individual owners/CEOs. Our model presented a structural solution to this pervasive challenge, not only for SMEs but for the industrial sector at large. Professionalization became essential to foster a competitive, thriving, and more sustainable industry in our regions.

As we expanded, acquiring companies facing difficulties as well as those poised for growth through our expertise and innovation, BIG relieved the pressures typically borne by solo leaders. This approach provided robust support and facilitated strategic investments, showcasing our commitment to sustainability and innovation from the outset. The establishment of South Base Camp, a state-of-the-art co-working industrial hub, exemplifies our innovative infrastructure solutions that catalyze SME growth and collaboration.

Our team has grown with the addition of passionate professionals like Hervé, Pieter, Lionel, Luca, Ronny, Alexandre, and Charles, who share BIG's vision. Today, with 175 full-time equivalents, BIG is more than a group—it's a thriving ecosystem of industrial SMEs. Our central team of experts serves as a pillar of support, enabling rapid and efficient transformation of newly acquired companies. At BIG, any employee with over three years of service can become a co-shareholder and intrapreneur, embodying our belief in collaboration, excellence, and shared success.

BIG's ambition is to create a flourishing ecosystem of industrial SMEs, supporting their growth and innovation while maintaining their independence and local roots. By fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence, we aim to propel these companies to their pinnacle and forge resilience in the face of market changes and evolution.